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Where we are

Where we are
Sant'Anna Institute is situated in via Marina Grande 16


- Via Airplane
The closest domestic and international airport to Sorrento is Capodichino Airport just outside of Naples. If you are flying to Italy from the U.S., it is likely that you will stopover at Malpensa Airport in Milan or Fiumicino Airport in Rome, and then makes a connecting flight to Naples. Flights to Naples from the main European cities are frequent.

- Via Train
You can reach Naples by train. There are three main train stations in Naples: Central Station, Mergellina Station, and Campi Flegrei Station.


You can reach Sorrento from Naples in several ways.

- Via Bus
If you are flying directly to Naples Capodichino airport, there are daily buses from the airport to Sorrento.

 - Via Train
If you are arriving to Naples via train, get off at Central Station, where you can connect to the local train service called “Circumvesuviana” (located just before the exit to the station). Trains from Naples run approximately every half hour until 10 p.m. Sorrento is the last stop on the Circumvesuviana line and takes approximately an hour.

- Via Taxi
The school offers a taxi service (one way) from Naples airport to Sorrento for €90.

 - Via Hydrofoil
Alternatively, you can take a hydrofoil or ferryboat to Sorrento from Molo Beverello port in Naples.


- Via Bus
The Marozzi busline leaves from Rome to Sorrento once a day.

Sorrento is situated on the west coast of Italy, twenty miles south of the city of Naples, on the spectacular Amalfi Coast.
Within easy reach of Sorrento are the:
- stunning islands of Capri and Ischia;
- baroque splendor of Naples;
- majestic Greek temples at Paestum;
- historic Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum;
- world-famous collection at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples;
- cliff hanging villages of the Amalfi Coast (i.e. Positano, Amalfi and Ravello);
- world’s best known volcano, Mount Vesuvius.

Sorrento is:

- A safe, walkable and picturesque center of international tourism with an international population;
- A small town yet with a cosmopolitan feel;
- Friendly, gracious people; southern hospitality, Italian style;
- Elegant hotels and quaint, family-owned restaurants;
- Bustling shopping streets and quiet, stone-paved alleyways;
- A mild, sun-drenched Mediterranean climate;
- Culinary traditions based on the fruit of the sea, and on locally grown produce;
- Streets lined with lemon and orange tress; hillsides covered with olive groves and vineyards;
- A meeting place for artists, writers, musicians, architects, philosophers, poets and religious figures from around the globe;
- Home to some of the best pizza and gelato you will find anywhere.

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