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Our Campus

Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue was founded in 1998 as Sorrento Lingue. The founder and president, Dr. Cristiana Panicco, native of Torino, fell in love with the town of Sorrento and started the organization as a language school. A couple years after the school was founded, Dr. Panicco started hosting study abroad students in affiliation with US universities. Sant’Anna Institute works closely with Jacksonville University, our regional US partner, to offer students a wide range of academic courses. The Institute is both a study abroad location and an international language school for Italians and foreigners who would like to learn Italian, English, Spanish German, French and Japanese. Sant’Anna Institute is a consistent international community of cultural exchange.


Sant’Anna Institute is housed in a historical building that was a convent founded in 1864 by an order of nuns named “Suore di Carità dell’Immacolata Concezione d’Ivrea”.
Classrooms are located on three of the building’s five stories, and the top two floors are home to the Residence Hall. Rooms from the institute overlook the picturesque fishing village, Marina Grande, or the school’s gardens.

Our Garden

Sant’Anna Institute is surrounded by a colorful Mediterranean garden abundant with fruits and vegetables as well as an open sports court.
Students can enjoy their break between classes in the fragrant, lush Mediterranean atmosphere.

Common Areas

The student lounge is open for all students for gathering and relaxing between classes. It is equipped with comfortable sofas, vending machines, and a piano. It is a great spot for coffee breaks, giving students the opportunity for intercultural exchange.

Studio library

Sant’Anna’s studio library is a printing point and also offers a wide range of books on all subjects related to the teaching interests of the Institute.
The studio library has garden-facing windows, and is open to all students looking for a quiet space to study.

Classroom Space

Sant’Anna provides spacious and bright classroom spaces with natural light during the day. Some have sea-facing windows and others face the garden.
Each classroom is equipped with tech-devices such as: a smart board, a computer, a projector, Wi-Fi connection, and air conditioning.

Residence Hall

Sant’Anna’s brand new Residence Hall, opened in 2017, occupies the upper two floors of the building with panoramic terraces overlooking the Marina Grande on the Bay of Naples. It has 23 bedrooms (doubles, triples and quadruples) for a total accommodation of 50-60 people in the complex.

Sea-view rooms feature a window while some garden-view rooms feature a balcony.
Bedrooms are furnished with: twin beds, desks, chairs, wardrobe, night table, lamp, mini fridge, trash receptacles, Wi-Fi, and cable internet connection. Each room has an en suite bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.
All rooms are air conditioned.
Blankets, bedspreads, bed linens, mattress pads, and pillows are provided (one set per person).

Laundry facilities
The Residence Hall provides laundry facilities: the washing machine and dryer are coin-operated.


The dorm kitchen features a large open floor plan kitchen with shared electric stoves, ovens, and fridges.
Each station is equipped with dishware, glassware, small serving bowls, cutlery, pots and pans, utensils.

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