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Accommodation service

You can choose among the following alternatives:
  • Sant'Anna Residence Hall
  • Host family
  • Shared apartment
  • Hotel in Sorrento

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Sant'Anna Institute Residence Hall

Sant'Anna Institute Residence Hall has 23 bedrooms (19 doubles and 4 triples), for a total number of 50 students that can be accommodated in the complex. The residence is located on the third and fourth floor of the building.
Situated on the third floor, there is the large and well-furnished kitchen, which could be used as a airy and bright living area.
Outside the kitchen/living area there's a big terrace that overlooks the bay of Naples and can be used to watch beautiful sunset!
Bedrooms contain: twin beds, desks, chairs, wardrobe, night table, lamp, mini fridge, wireless and cable internet connection. Sea-view rooms feature a window; some garden-view rooms feature a balcony.
Each room features ceiling lamp. Blankets, bedspreads, bed linen, mattress pads and pillows will be provided (one set per person), as well as trash receptacles.
Air conditioning is present in all bedrooms. Each room has an ensuite bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and hot water. Towels will be provided (a set of 3 towels per person).
There are laundry facilities in the building. The washing machine and dryer are coin-operated.
Details and photo

  • Single room in Sant’Anna Residence Hall* : 400€ per week

  • Double room in Sant’Anna Residence Hall* : 300€ per week

*Availability upon request: Please contact


Students who would like to immerse themselves in the Italian Language and culture, can choose to live with a local host family.
We have longstanding relationships with our families to provide safety and happiness.

Enjoy daily breakfast and optional dinner!

SINGLE ROOM - Bed & Breakfast
1 week (6 nights)     192€
2 weeks (13 nights)  416
3 weeks (20 nights)  640
4 weeks (28 nights)  896
Price per Night          32€ per night

DOUBLE ROOM - Bed & Breakfast
1 week (6 nights)     150€
2 weeks (13 nights)  325
3 weeks (20 nights)  500
4 weeks (28 nights)  700
Price per Night          25€ per night per person

SINGLE ROOM - Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)

1 week (6 nights)     258€
2 weeks (13 nights)  559
3 weeks (20 nights)  860
4 weeks (28 nights)  1204
Price per Night         43€ per night

DOUBLE ROOM - Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)

1 week (6 nights)        222€
2 weeks (13 nights)     481
3 weeks (20 nights)     740
4 weeks (28 nights)    1036
Price per Night             37€ per night x person


Single room in Shared Apartment
From 225€ to 286 €

Double room in Shared Apartment
From 184 to 215

Private Apartment
From 306 to 714*

* The cost of the Private Apartment depends from the location, the season and the number of rooms and facilities.

*Accommodation Tax for non-residents

From April 1 to October 31 - Sorrento City Tax: 3€ per person per night for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights.

According to Sorrento City Council resolution n. 99 of 29/11/2011, from April the 1st to October the 31st . the City of Sorrento will introduce the tourism tax applied to non-residents overnight staying, for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights. The tourism tax per person per night is not applied to children up to 18 years old. The collected funds will help the City improve the quality of the tourist services and finance works aimed at maintaining, using and salvaging the city’scultural.
The tax will be paid cash directly to Sant'Anna Institute or to the hotel, apartment, B&B, or any other accomodation for non-residents.

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