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How did you come to create Sant’Anna Institute?

 After studying abroad, as a university student, in England and Germany, my world changed.  My world became bigger and I realized that there are few barriers that one cannot overcome.  As a speaker of four languages and world traveler, I believe in the transformational power of exposure to new languages, people and cultures.  I started Sant'Anna Institute to share this philosophy and vision with others.

 What is your favorite part about directing Sant'Anna Institute?

 I really enjoy sharing my passion for language and diversity with students.  I like to contribute to the growth of students by understanding their difficulties and helping them see all of the possibilities for their life.  I am an educator and an entrepreneur and want others to experience the beauty of learning and creating. It is a privilege to watch students open their minds, become more intuitive and see all that the world has to offer them.

 Why did you choose to have Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento?

 I was born and raised in Turin, Italy, in northern Italy.  I have traveled extensively but have always been fascinated by southern Italy; the culture, traditions and sheer beauty of its landscape have drawn me back ever since I first visited the unspoiled, typically Italian small town of Sorrento. When I arrived in Sorrento, I felt as if I had just woken up from a long, deep sleep.  Sorrento was one of the most charming and distinctive towns I had ever seen. Its unique location was a deciding factor in my decision to open a school for teaching Italian to foreigners. 

 How has Sant'Anna Institute evolved over the years?

 Sant'Anna Institute, born in 1998, has evolved into an international community where Italian and foreign students of all ages and from all corners of the globe can come together to exchange ideas, cultures and projects.   I started by providing Italian and cultural courses for foreigners and then added foreign languages for native Italians.  A couple years after Sant'Anna Institute was founded, we set up collaborative relationships with american and other foreign universities and high schools, providing study abroad programs.  Despite the world’s uncertain political and economic outlook, we offer students, teachers and universities a professional service in international education.

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