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- Enrollment fee: 75€
- Returning Student: free enrollment

- Italian Language CoursesPrice and Details

- Italian & Cooking: 1 week: 942€   Details

- 50+ Program: 2 weeks: 1147€      Details

- Week by Week: 2 week: 358€       Details

- Cities of Fire: 1 week: 450€          Details

- Christmas Program: 2 weeks: 1329€     Details
- Combined Courses:   Price and Details

- Special Course: (Italian literature, cinema, business, law, archaeology, biology, volcanology, geology, marine biology, ecc.) +30%

Electronic Invoice Fee

 - mandatory for each booking: 2€ per person *

* The Italian Budget Law for 2018 (Law no. 205/2017) (“the Law”) establishes a mandatory real-time electronic sales invoice issuance and reporting system (“E-invoicing”).
This requirement comes from the EU's "VAT Directive" (2006/112/EC), as amended by Directive 2010/45/EU (the "Invoicing Directive), which lays down conditions and rules on invoicing in Member States. E-invoicing will be mandatory in Italy as of January 1, 2019 for any B2B or B2C transaction taking place on Italian territory, giving rise to the issue of an invoice or a credit note.


Courses for US credits

Courses for US credits

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