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Corsi con US credits

Corsi con US credits

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Special offer for June: study Italian and live at Sant’Anna Institute!
-20% off on the Italian courses fee (1 week = 220€ 176€ / 2 weeks = 400€ 320€)
- Enrollment fee at 60€ (instead of 75€)
-1 hr individual lesson for FREE
- Orientation tour of Sorrento
- Cultural courses
- Italian Cinema at School
- Free Wi-Fi
- Activities, trips and more…!

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Accommodation is not included.
The school offers different accommodation options on request at an extra cost.


For enrollment, information and details, please contact Olga Stinga at


Corso di Gruppo

Corso di Gruppo

Consiste in 20 ore di lezioni di gruppo a settimana (grammatica+conversazione).
Max 12 studenti per classe


Un insegnante - uno studente.
Le lezioni, di grammatica e di conversazione, sono adattate ai bisogni dello studente.


Il Sant'Anna Institute è un centro autorizzato per il test CELI.
Questo corso mira alla preparazione dell'esame Celi per tutti i livelli (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).


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La scuola offre su richiesta la possibilità di alloggio: dall'ospitalità in famiglia, ad un appartamento...


Choose among more than 40 hotels in Sorrento.
The hotels marked with the logo "SH" mean excellent quality and best price.

How to reserve your hotel:
1) Enter Sorrento as selected city (it is not necessary to complete the "Hotel Name" section)
2) Enter the arrival date, number of nights, hotel rating, number of rooms and guests
3) To complete the reservation please enter the following e-mail address: - and the password: santanna
4) Enter your credit card details

PLEASE NOTE THAT: It is advisable to book you hotel in Sorrento through the box below using the web browser Mozilla Firefox in order to avoid loading problems. Thank you!


SINGLE ROOM - Bed & Breakfast
1 week (6 nights)     192€
2 weeks (13 nights)  416
3 weeks (20 nights)  640
4 weeks (28 nights)  896
Price per Night          32€ per night

DOUBLE ROOM - Bed & Breakfast
1 week (6 nights)     150€
2 weeks (13 nights)  325
3 weeks (20 nights)  500
4 weeks (28 nights)  700
Price per Night          25€ per night per person

SINGLE ROOM - Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)

1 week (6 nights)     258€
2 weeks (13 nights)  559
3 weeks (20 nights)  860
4 weeks (28 nights)  1204
Price per Night         43€ per night

DOUBLE ROOM - Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)

1 week (6 nights)        222€
2 weeks (13 nights)     481
3 weeks (20 nights)     740
4 weeks (28 nights)    1036
Price per Night             37€ per night x person


Single room in Shared Apartment
From 225€ to 286 €

Double room in Shared Apartment
From 184 to 215

Private Apartment
From 306 to 714*

* The cost of the Private Apartment depends from the location, the season and the number of rooms and facilities.

Accommodation Tax for non-residents

The City Council of Sorrento, as of 29/11/2011, established an accommodation tax for non-residents
that is in effect from April 1st to October 31st, 2013. The tax varies from 1-2 Euros per night after
7 nights of stay depending on the type of accomodation (see chart below).
Minors are exempt from this tax. This tax is separate from the fee paid to Sant'Anna Institute and is to be paid irectly by the client to the hotel, apartment, B&B, or any other accommodation for non-residents.
From 01/04/2016 To 30/10/2016:

5 Star Hotel - €2.00 per night after 7 nights
4 Star Hotel, Apartment, B&B - €1.50 per night after 7 nights
3 Star Hotel - €1.00 per night after 7 nights
2 Star Hotel, Camping - €1.00 per night after 7 nights
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