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Courses for US credits

Courses for US credits

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Learn Italian in Sorrento!

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Special offer for June: study Italian and live at Sant’Anna Institute!
-20% off on the Italian courses fee (1 week = 220€ 176€ / 2 weeks = 400€ 320€)
- Enrollment fee at 60€ (instead of 75€)
-1 hr individual lesson for FREE
- Orientation tour of Sorrento
- Cultural courses
- Italian Cinema at School
- Free Wi-Fi
- Activities, trips and more…!

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Accommodation is not included.
The school offers different accommodation options on request at an extra cost.


For enrollment, information and details, please contact Olga Stinga at info@santannainstitute.com


BASIC Group Courses

BASIC Group Courses

Consist of 20 group lesson hours per week (grammar+conversation).
There is a maximum 12 students


One teacher - one student. Tailored to fit student's specific needs.
Lessons are adapted according to individual needs.
CELI program

CELI program

Sant'Anna Institute is an authorized CELI test centre.
This course is based on practical written and oral exercises and simulations of Celi exams for all the levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).


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..to be able to communicate, deal with the most common, everyday situations..

Italian language lessons at Sant'Anna Institute are designed to allow students, professionals and those who are learning simply for fun, to develop a full command of the language, based on the four main skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The courses are practical, stimulating and interactive, and make use of didactic materials taken not only from text books, but from everyday life as well (e.g. newspaper articles, magazines, videos and music CDs), all of which will help you to achieve a working level of competence in the language. The general objective is for you to be able to communicate, deal with the most common, everyday situations, and express what you want to say in your interactions with Italians.

I. Beginner

Greetings and introductions
Simple biographical information (i.e., family, job, house, traditions, holidays)
Descriptions of people and places
Living abroad essentials (i.e., ordering in a restaurant, daily situations such as phone calls, health matters, taxi, post office)

II. Elementary

Travel experiences
Current events
Descriptions of people and places
Art and cultural topics
Comparing situations and opinions
Body language

III. Pre-Intermediate

Giving instructions and making suggestions
Simple reading comprehension
Expressing needs, obligation, possibility
Making invitations
Expressing preferences and desires

IV. Intermediate

Understanding context
Communicating in different situations (i.e., formal vs. informal)
Compare and analyze alternative viewpoints
Ability to express perspectives

V. Upper Intermediate

Idiomatic expressions and phraseology
Shades of meaning
Regional aspects of Italian
Persuasion and argumentation
Making judgments and evaluation
Expressing emotion
Conversation on literary or poetic passages

VI. Advanced

Demonstrated ability to integrate levels I-V to speak in a clear, yet nuanced mode stylistically adapted to the situation.
Ability to present oneself logically, contribute to and facilitate conversation
Ability to hear, recall and identify the most important points of a conversation
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