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ITALIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL "Sant'Anna Institute" - Sorrento

Italian Language Courses in Sorrento, Italy 

 People from all over the world come here to learn italian. -2014 Excellence Award -


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sant'anna institute sorrento  BASIC ITALIAN 

  Consist of 20 group lesson hours per week (grammar+conversation).
  There is a maximum 12 students


        One teacher - one student. Tailored to fit student's specific needs.
           Lessons are adapted according to individual needs.

sant'anna institute - sorrento  WEEK by WEEK

  1 week in Sorrento & 1 week in Milan + 1 week in Rome -358€


The most successfull classes last year were ITALIAN & COOKING, and ITALIAN CLASSES & CITIES OF FIRE (Pompeii and Herculaneum).

People from all over the world come here to learn the Italian language and to study the Italian culture and way of living. Test your italian level!

Sant'Anna Institute offers individual and group Italian language courses, as well as tailor-made programs for students with particular requirements (e.g. preparation for enrolment at an Italian university,CELI exam, Italian for business ). online Italian lessons, cultural courses (e.g. cookery, ceramics, literature, art ), special program (50+ program) and teacher training programs (e.g. DITALS,GRUNDTIVG), all in the friendly, sun-kissed town of Sorrento.

As well as traditional classroom methods of education, Sant'Anna Institute offers all students the chance to put their knowledge into practice through full immersion in an Italian environment. We consider constant contact with mother tongue speakers to be of vital importance for a true understanding of our language and customs. Our language courses are aimed to the gradual achievement of the linguistic abilities of comprehension, speaking, reading and writing, also through study of the historical and artistic aspects

Our students' training includes constant assessment of the level of learning, using tests and exams to check progress, feedback sessions, and actual level achieved. Once the course is over, we will provide students with a certificate of attendance and instructions so that they can carry on their studies on their own.


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Most of our students come through recommendations of former partecipants who have appreciated our commitment to provide:

- a flexible and higly effective instruction method

- a friendly and personal atmospheare

- entusiastic, dynamic and highly qualified teachers

- our staff is always ready to help you

- highly extra-curricular cultural and leisure programs

- our school is located by the seaside 

- recognized by US Universities for Credits Transfer

- Students opinions